The press conference of the 2nd International Blockchain Festival was held in Beijing
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On October 16, the press conference of the "2nd International Blockchain Festival. World Blockchain Innovation Conference " was held in the Digital Innovation Park of Beijing International Digital Economy Industrial Park. Wang Jiancheng, the founding president of the WBA World Blockchain Alliance and the initiator of the IBF International Blockchain Festival, introduced the 2nd International Blockchain Festival "World Blockchain Innovation Conference" to be held in Hangzhou on October 24, China. An overview of the Legal and Compliance NFT Innovation and Development Forum and the First Metaverse Innovation and Development Forum.


The conference will hold the launching ceremony of "International Metaverse Festival" and "World Metaverse Development Alliance", and announce that the "International Metaverse Festival" will be held at the 11.16 Shanghai Chain Expo, 11.18 Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair, and 12.8 Nanjing Smart Expo. World Metaverse Conference" series of activities. At the same time, the "2021 Digital Rural Revitalization Essay Contest Press Release and Cooperation Exchange Meeting" will also be held. The "International Metaverse Festival" official website and the "World Metaverse Development Alliance" official website will be released simultaneously.

At present, there are already leading companies in the Metaverse and Haiwenjiao NFT Development Center Executive President of China’s legal and compliant NFT transactions, Xiao Yanyu, a celebrity in the Metaverse, Huang Lianjin, an engineer from the Metaverse from Russia, and former Huawei blockchain scientist Huang Lianjin, Asia Cai Zhichuan, president of Blockchain Society, visiting professor of Tsinghua University, Chen Zhaohui, president of Fujian Blockchain Application Chamber, and a large number of metaverse experts will share the hottest metaverse hotspots. The metaverse is hot, and we look forward to the participation of more metaverse industry organizations.

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