The Ecological System of Metaverse University City


 The Secretary General of the United Nations submitted the World Summit in 2015, setting the goal set by UNESCO to achieve inclusive and equitable quality education for all and lifelong education by 2030. Therefore, the Metaverse University City has decided to build a "Metaverse University City Ecological System" and will collaborate with UNESCO to promote "inclusive and fair quality education and lifelong education for all" globally.

 To build the "Metaverse University City Ecological System", ten teams will be established:

1、 Economic System Design Team

2、 Education system design team

3、 Education resource development team

4、 Government resource development team

5、 Market development design team

6、 Market Investment and Operation Team

7、 Blockchain technology development team

8、 Metaverse scene development team

9、 Social media operations team

10、 Community construction and operation team

The headquarters of Metaverse University City will be located in Hong Kong and operate globally through DAO organization. The operating funds consist of tuition fees for students, sponsorship from the school board, sponsorship from partners, and construction costs for the metaverse of prestigious universities.

Tuition and sponsorship fee standards

The tuition and sponsorship fees for the Metaverse University City are as follows:

一、 Tuition fees

1. The fee is $3 per lesson (approximately 30 minutes). You can receive 3 free TOKENs per lesson.

2. Each subject exam (10 credits) charges $30. According to the exam, each credit will receive 3 TOKENs as a bonus.

3. Obtaining 10000 credits is equivalent to awarding a Bachelor's degree certificate. Obtaining 50000 credits is equivalent to granting a Master's degree certificate. Obtaining 100000 credits is equivalent to awarding a "Doctor Yuan" degree certificate.

二、 Sponsorship fees

1. Sponsoring $10000 will earn you the honor of "Director" of the Metaverse University.

2.Sponsoring 20000 US dollars will earn you the honor of being a "Board Member" of the Metaverse University.

3.Sponsoring 1 million US dollars will grant the naming rights to the "* * College" of Metaverse University.

4. Sponsoring 2 million US dollars will grant the operating rights of the "* * College" of Metaverse University.

三、 Construction cost

1.According to the construction area of the metaverse campus, it is calculated at $1000 per square meter.

2. Metaverse campus management system, depending on specific circumstances.

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