Metaverse Expo

  The Metaverse Expo is an innovative solution for on-cloud conference and exhibition, and is a 3D on-cloud exhibition venue. This 3D immersive "exhibition mode" not only has a better "human-computer interaction" experience, but also innovates the "human-computer interaction" experience in 3D space. In addition to the unique advantageous experience of "human-computer interaction" and "human-computer interaction", the Metaverse Expo can also see the diversified and comprehensive material presentation of the hall broadcast, pictures, text, video, live broadcast and other media, as well as the private VIP negotiation room, summit forum, etc. It also connects the enterprise's own shopping mall system or the third-party flagship store, making the transaction payment more convenient and the traffic conversion faster and more accurate.

Metaverse Talent Recruitment Fair

Use metaverse technology to build the real job fair scene on the cloud. At the Metaverse Talent Recruitment Fair, both applicants and applicants can communicate in words, voice interview and video interview. Recruiters can display enterprises through pictures, text, video, live broadcast, etc.


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