The 2nd World Metaverse Conference was successfully held simultaneously in Metaverse and Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair
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The 2nd World Metaverse Conference & NFT Compliance Forum was successfully held simultaneously in Metaverse and Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair The conference is hosted by WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance, WBA World Blockchain Alliance, WDEA World Digital Economy Alliance, Great Wall Commune, co-hosted by Micro World (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd., Wenjiao Digital Technology (Hainan) Co., Ltd., and Metaverse Co-organized by Maker Center and WMA Metaverse Expo Organizing Committee . 500,000+ participated in the event through attendance and Metaverse live broadcast .


"Metaverse" has become the hottest outlet. How to use the Metaverse to empower the traditional economy? WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance, WBA World Blockchain Alliance, WDEA World Digital Economy Alliance, Great Wall Commune and other organizations have successfully held more than 100 World Blockchain Innovation Conferences, World Digital Economy Conferences , World Metaverse Conferences and other activities. , in conjunction with many organizations to initiate the establishment of the "International Metaverse Festival" prepare for the " WMA Metaverse Expo", hold the "World Metaverse Conference", and create a "Metaverse Maker Center" to empower the real economy.


Wang Jiancheng, founding president of WBA World Blockchain Alliance WDEA World Digital Economy Alliance, WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance, International Blockchain Festival, and International Metaverse Festival Sponsor Wang Jiancheng delivered an opening speech. Li Mengen, Secretary-General and founder of the Great Wall Commune, delivered a welcome speech. Zheng Bingbing, vice president of WBA and deputy secretary general of WDEA, presided over the bilingual event.


Wang Xingcan, founder of Mobile Microworld (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd., and Xu Qiang, general manager of Wenjiao Digital Technology (Hainan) Co., Ltd., respectively delivered keynote speeches on 8 years of exploration to open the gate of the metaverse " and " NFT smart contract technology application ecology " .



Cai Zhichuan, President of the Asian Blockchain Society (Hong Kong), and Xiao Yanyu, Executive President of the NFT Development Center of the Hainan Cultural Exchange, respectively delivered keynote speeches on " Opening the Door to Wealth in the Metaverse " and " The Relationship between the Metaverse and NFT ".



Huang Lianjin (USA), an American blockchain expert and director of the Blockchain Technology Research Institute of Guangzhou University of Science and Technology , and Li Boda, deputy director and consultant of the COO Digital Commodity Laboratory of Haiwenjiao NFT Development Center, respectively made "Metaverse Technology Foundation and Ecological attributes ", "How to make compliant NFT in China" keynote speeches.


At the meeting, WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance, WBA World Blockchain Alliance, WDEA World Digital Economy Alliance, Great Wall Commune, Micro World (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. , Wenjiao Digital Technology (Hainan) Co. , Ltd., Metaverse Maker The Center, the WMA Metaverse Expo Organizing Committee and other institutions held the launching ceremony of the "Metaverse Maker Global Tour & WMA Metaverse Expo".


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