The 3rd World Metaverse Conference will be held simultaneously in Zhengzhou and Metaverse
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The 3rd World Metaverse Conference will be held simultaneously in Zhengzhou and Metaverse on March 6. The conference is sponsored by WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance, WBA World Blockchain Alliance, WDEA World Digital Economy Alliance, Great Wall Commune , SuperDAO , co- hosted by Mobile Micro World , Liepin , Metaverse Maker Center   and NFT (KOSUN ) ) , Cupid , Retro Legend Chain Games , and EPG Guild Alliance. It is estimated that there will be 500+ offline venues , and 500,000 viewers for the Metaverse + live broadcast . Guests of this event can enter the Metaverse venue and interact with other participants.

  How to use the Metaverse to empower the traditional economy? WBA World Blockchain Alliance, WDEA World Digital Economy Alliance and other institutions have successfully held more than 100 events such as the World Blockchain Innovation Conference and the World Economic Conference for more than 3 years, and jointly launched the creation of the "International Metaverse Festival" with many industry organizations. Establish the "WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance", hold the "World Metaverse Conference", and build the "Metaverse Maker Center" to empower the real economy.

  The WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance launched the "Metaverse Maker Center" to empower industrial parks, enhance investment attraction, and cultivate new growth points. Create metaverse offices, private board meetings, meeting rooms, metaverse expos, and talent recruitment fairs, provide expert consulting services for metaverse maker centers, hold metaverse education and training sessions, world conferences, and provide full-process planning for events Execute and create industrial park IP.

  The Metaverse SOHO office building digitizes the real office scene, easily links people in different locations to the same Metaverse office, real-time voice communication, fast and efficient communication and collaboration, and creates a new model of Metaverse collaborative scientific and

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