The 3rd World Metaverse Conference was held simultaneously in Zhengzhou and Metaverse
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The 3rd World Metaverse Conference and Great Wall Commune 4th Birthday Music Celebration was held simultaneously in Zhengzhou and Metaverse on March 6. More than 500 experts and industry professionals from the Metaverse industry came to the scene, and the Metaverse and live broadcast audiences exceeded 900,000 people, which greatly exceeded the previous 500,000 people. The popularity of the Metaverse can be seen.

The conference is hosted by WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance, Great Wall Commune, SuperDAO, WBA World Blockchain Alliance, WDEA World Digital Economy Alliance, Mobile Micro World, Liepin Co-host, Metaverse Maker Center, Wujie Electronics, and NFT together ( KOSUN), Cupid, Retro Legend Chain Games, EPG Guild Alliance, and Small Goals.

  How to use the Metaverse to empower the traditional economy? WBA World Blockchain Alliance, WDEA World Digital Economy Alliance and Great Wall Commune have successfully held more than 100 events such as the World Blockchain Innovation Conference and the World Economic Conference for more than 3 years. Festival", established the "WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance", held the "World Metaverse Conference", and created the "Metaverse Maker Center" to empower the real economy.

Wang Jiancheng, the founder of the WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance and the founding president of the WBA, delivered an opening speech. At the same time, he emphasized that the Metaverse is a brand-new era. He hopes that everyone can seize this historical opportunity to create, share and win-win, and realize a beautiful dream. Li Mengen, deputy secretary-general of the Blockchain Branch of the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and the founder of the Great Wall Commune, delivered a welcome speech, thanking everyone for their support on the 4th birthday of the Great Wall Commune, and thanking all sectors of society for their support and help to the Great Wall Commune over the past four years. The conference was hosted by Miranda, deputy secretary-general of the WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance and a master's student at the University of Sydney.

  Miranda, deputy secretary-general of the WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance, focused on introducing the "Metaverse Maker Center" launched by the WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance to empower industrial parks, enhance investment attraction, and cultivate new growth points, creating a metaverse office , private board meeting, conference room, Metaverse Expo, Metaverse Talent Recruitment Fair, provide expert consulting services for the Metaverse Maker Center, hold Metaverse Education and Training Meetings, World Metaverse Conference and other activities, and provide full planning and execution of activities to create Industrial park IP.

  The Metaverse SOHO office building digitizes the real office scene, easily links people in different locations to the same Metaverse office, real-time voice communication, fast and efficient communication and collaboration, and creates a new model of Metaverse collaborative scientific and efficient office. Metaverse meeting room, 360° real scene meeting room, real meeting, not group chat! Simple operation and strong sense of ceremony. One-click meeting, instantly link global teams and customers, making meetings easier and more efficient. The metaverse exhibition constructs the exhibition in reality on the metaverse. Exhibitors can design their own exhibitions and live broadcast them in real time. Real-time intelligent voice communication, multi-dimensional display of enterprises, VIP room "face-to-face" negotiation and signing, and holding press conferences.

   At the same time, the WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance also cooperates with experts in the metaverse industry to compile metaverse education courses, set up metaverse education courses, preach the metaverse, and cultivate more talents for the development of the metaverse.

 Mr. Yi Yi, founder of Token World, former investment director of Jingdong Technology Group, senior researcher of Financial Technology Research Institute of China Society of Management Science, former technical director of Ali, Mr. Dabao, chief engineer of Shenzhen Wujie Technology, Minister of Education of PEKKA (CCN) Alliance, Mr. Zhou Jianping, chairman of Shaanxi Huoyuan Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Zixiu, founder of Guangzhou Daimei Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Shangshi Culture Media Co., Ltd. Mr. Nuo Feng, founder of Xinghai Tongzheng Economic Research and Design Institute, co-founder of Qiannuo Fund, WMA Miranda, deputy secretary-general of the alliance, and Yan Penghui, assistant to the chairman of Mobile Microworld, made speeches on "The Importance of DAO in the Metaverse Ecology", "Helium's Development of the Decentralized Internet of Things", "The Cornerstone of the Metaverse-CCN", and "Transforming Defi Thinking" , Adjusting the industrial structure - comprehensively promoting the integration and development of the digital economy and the real economy", "Gamefi - the wealth outlet of the metaverse era", "the metaverse empowers the real economy ", and "NFT digital asset metaverse trading market" keynote speeches . The wonderful speeches of the speakers attracted the offline guests to actively participate in the activities, and the Metaverse online attracted more than 900,000 viewers to participate in the activities.

Great Wall commune held four birthday celebration of music, the band in a passionate song after another, to the Great Wall commune four birthday good wishes, many common singing "happy birthday" song of the guests, to celebrate the Great Wall commune fourth birthday, the blessing of the Great Wall commune even better.

VIP dinner party, the Great Wall commune Li Mengen, dragon, and so on joint sponsors cut the birthday cake together, share together with dinner guests. These guests on the dinner table, several rounds of toast and handing out red envelopes, laughter and all climax. All the guests to celebrate, and look forward to the next world yuan universe conference was held at an early date.

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