The Shanghai Metaverse Ecological Conference was successfully held in Shanghai
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The "Metaverse Ecological Conference 2022" supported by the Pudong New Area Association for Science and Technology was successfully held in Shanghai on October 27. The conference brought together industry-university research, experts, scholars, and corporate executives to jointly interpret the development trend of the Metaverse industry market and share It not only discusses the practical operation experience, but also discusses the application of blockchain technology, digital twins, and digital collections in different scenarios.


  The conference was sponsored by Pudong E-commerce Industry Association, Shanghai Chuan Shang, World Metaverse Development Alliance, co-organized by Tangzhen Digital Business Innovation Port, Wanxiang International Innovation Port City China and Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd., and also supported by Huawei Cloud , Chinese Numeracy, Yuandai Science and Technology, Primary Class 2, Zhutong Technology, VS·Work and related media support.


Explanation of Digital Industry Planning in Pudong New Area

Huang Yue, Secretary-General of Pudong E-commerce Industry Association


  With the iteration of technology and the development of artificial intelligence, the government has issued the "Shanghai Action Plan for Cultivating "Metaverse" New Track (2022-2025)", which clarifies the development goals and provides key support for metaverse-related technology companies, such as Computing power, VR/AR, infrastructure, distributed storage, smart contracts, privacy computing, blockchain, naked-eye 3D and other interactive devices, holographic images, etc. Provide key support for different application scenarios such as digital tools, virtual-real interaction, new business, new education, new cultural tourism and new entertainment, virtual-real fusion intelligent manufacturing, medical health, collaborative office, and digital city. Focus on cultivating the creator economy such as AIGC, data circulation elements, and rule and standard systems. In the future, the Economic and Information Commission will also issue corresponding support policies. We welcome your attention and interactive discussions.


The next generation of CRM, metaverse marketing changes everything

Qiao Kangjie, Business Manager of Coffee Technology


  As an important tool for metaverse marketing, digital collections allow brands to rejuvenate their brands through NFT, and at the same time innovate sales and customer acquisition methods to achieve efficient drainage, high conversion into stores, young people with high purchasing power, and better customer management. , Open up the connection between customer relationship and digital collections, enhance user participation and reach consumers.

  Café Technology has the complete capabilities of creative planning, technology research and development, and operation management. Its digital collection marketing platform and SaaS services can meet the various needs of brands and creators such as PR promotion, sales, customer acquisition, membership management, and IP monetization. In the field of industry digital collections, Café Technology has created many first records in China. Well-known cases include McDonald's, Oreo, Naixue's Tea, Midea, Jidu, Yili, Jiangxiaobai, China Post, China Guardian, F1 Electric Competition, Philips and other famous brands.

Digital asset management and industry empowerment under the compliance system

Liu Junfeng, COO of Chinese Numerology


  With the intermittent and brutal development of the digital asset industry, various vicious events such as: malicious speculation, skyrocketing and plummeting have occurred. The government has introduced relevant compliance regulations, and then launched the ecological matrix of the national-level copyright transaction protection alliance chain, that is, the national-level WEB3.0 infrastructure. Zhongshuwen is digital asset management, which is the government’s user management in the Web3.0 era. Enterprises establish their digital asset data systems, manage through user traffic funnels; user emotion management, brand image management + digital asset operation management, and establish DTC management. Therefore, the government establishes its digital asset management system, and the infrastructure provides enterprise clustering. For industrial ecological individuals to carry out digital asset operation custody asset accumulation and application of personal asset management.

Roundtable: Metaverse Virtual Space "Mirror Real World" Combination of Virtual and Real Industries

The leader of the praise list, Jiang Jiang

Liu Zaiyao, Director of Huawei Cloud Blockchain Products

Liu Chenyuan, Dean of Shanghai Piaoshi Network Research Institute

Wei Qian, CMO of VS·Work


Liu Zaiyao, Director of Huawei Cloud Blockchain Products

  The metaverse gets rid of physical and time constraints, and there will be immersive activities such as playing football and dining together in the future. With the development of the industry, enterprises will automatically reshuffle. Huawei focuses on its own digital transformation, provides users with real value services, and uses complex technologies to provide users with an easy-to-use platform.

Liu Chenyuan, Dean of Shanghai Piaoshi Network Research Institute

  From the perspective of supply and demand, the follow-up technology will build a virtual metaverse city application. Only by insisting on technology and serving the needs of the market can we survive for a long time.

Wei Qian, CMO of VS·Work

  The epidemic has promoted the development of online (virtual space) meetings in the short term. In the long run, it depends on specific technological iterations, such as smart glasses, which will make online meetings smoother and more immersive, mainly to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Roundtable: Exploring the Metaverse and the Development Opportunities of Urban Renewal in the New Era

Moderator: Lin Zihan, Planner of Urban China

Xia Nankai, Former Dean and Senior Chief Engineer of Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute

Gu Wei, Co-Secretary-General of Metaverse Professional Committee of China 3D Industry Alliance

Yu Deyuan, Chairman of Hainaer Group, an expert of Shanghai Urban Renewal Research Association


Moderator: Lin Zihan, Planner of Urban China

Xia Nankai, Former Dean and Senior Chief Engineer of Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute

  In the past, pictures, text, and models were used to express urban design, but now the metaverse technology is used to integrate virtual reality into a more delicate and immersive way to express the process of urban renewal and rural construction. Such as industrial development, population distribution, and different needs from individuals to groups. There is a comprehensive simulation of the technology of the metaverse, which can infer and plan the future urban development. The technology display of the metaverse is more immersive and comprehensive. Finally, it is hoped that the technology of the metaverse will make cities better and people's lives better.

Gu Wei, Co-Secretary-General of Metaverse Professional Committee of China 3D Industry Alliance

  The core of the Metaverse is the collaborative development of content, applications, and scenarios. Case replication will speed up the progress of urban renewal. The city is updated to a three-dimensional consensus, a technical consensus (AI XR blockchain), an economic consensus, a people-oriented value consensus, and the thinking of the entire industry chain develops in coordination with each other

Yu Deyuan, chairman of Hainaer Group, expert of Shanghai Urban Renewal Research Association

  According to the people's construction of the people's city, you can imagine the renewal process of the metaverse technology to express the thought and implement the city through design, such as the fragrance of flowers and the falling leaves can present real scenes. Building together on the basis of consensus, that is, what you think is what you see, and what you see is what you get. I believe that in the future, Hainar will create an Avatar world.


The new infrastructure of the digital economy, the virtual reality complement each other, the metaverse

Xinhuanet · Lu Jun, head of the industrial partner ecosystem of "Tracing China"

  The virtual and real integration of the digital economy and the comprehensive integration of industrial ecology. The essence of the digital economy is "big data", the target of value measurement is "data assets", and the development direction is "integration with industry". Metaverse X" new industry model.

The Connotation and Investment Research of WEB 3

Gao Chengshi, Member of the Standing Committee of Metaverse Industry Committee, China Mobile Communications Federation


  WEB 3 is a general term for decentralized infrastructure and various decentralized applications built on the blockchain, and DAO has become the main business organization method of WEB 3. After fully digitized, the rationale for the existence of centralized institutions will become weaker and weaker, so the organization of DAO will become more and more common and extensive. The transformation of DAO-type business processes must be based on fundamental changes in internal and external conditions, not just determined by technological development. Blockchain is essentially a set of technical solutions for establishing and maintaining trust relationships between untrusted nodes under the background of insufficient authority of centralized institutions or high cost of centralized systems or no centralized institutions. The blockchain has brought about five levels of value jumps, which are the needs of building a clean and credible organization, optimizing business processes, enhancing business collaboration, intelligent transactions under trustless circumstances, and improving the robustness of core business systems and digital systems , and business expansion in a non-trusted environment.

  Most of the investment in WEB 3 is based on smart contracts in the form of TOKEN to set the lock-up period. Most of the projects are raised and operated in the form of foundations. There is a lack of supervision. Basically all projects are overseas, and some projects are led by Chinese people. Security has become the most important thing at present. one of the technical problems.


Exploration of the Way of the Enterprise Metaverse

Li Lin, Vice President of Yuanmei Technology


  The characteristics of Internet 3.0 include real in virtual, virtual in real, online VR, 3D online games, offline AR combination of virtual and real, and 3D simulation. Shopping malls, etc.) layout metaverse to accumulate 3D digital assets and accumulate long-term growth. The core components of the enterprise metaverse: three major elements + two major entrances. The construction of people, goods, and markets in the metaverse is through online and offline entrances. 3D digital assets are the core of the future enterprise metaverse. Innovative 3D exhibition and sales interactive experience will drive transformation. It is an inevitable trend to reconstruct physical goods in the form of 3D digital assets. It will enrich user experience scenarios, empower multiple marketing scenarios, and build a new experience scenario with the blessing of AR technology. , improve user product perception, reduce the cost of physical product display, enhance product expression and interaction, and create an immersive human-goods field. Deep integration empowers dual-line scenarios such as live broadcast, consumption, and experience.


The collision of traditional culture and digital art

--- Let the "collection" come alive

Wang Yonghai, director of Suning Art Museum


  The next trend of digital art: the application of AR gamification to make the viewing experience more interesting, such as business gamification + AR interactive experience = AR gamification. Typical cases such as AR gamification tasks around the theme of "Riverside", AR virtual human explanation: applicable to all works, AR makes the painting "live", and then answer questions with knowledge cleverly: password of Wusong River, and carry out various forms of prizes. The Suning Museum Cluster is an important strategic practice of Suning Universal Group under the goal of "big culture". As a landmark project of Suning Universal to promote the cultural industry strategy, and also as a spiritual fortress of the group's corporate culture, the Suning Museum Cluster with Suning Art Museum and Museum as the main body has begun to take shape


The new IP model of virtual and real

Chen Qi, Co-Founder of Wanwu Daji / Manager of Wanwuyuan Digital Platform


  The cultural and art organization Wanwu Daji and its oriental culture IP pioneer digital art collection platform Wanwuyuan always take the inheritance and innovative development of oriental culture as the narrative context, gather resources from all sides, and carry out cooperation with Tsinghua University School of Journalism and Communication and Tsinghua University China-Italy Base The long-term and in-depth cooperation between production, learning and research, adheres to the long-term mission of inheriting oriental culture and creating an international oriental cultural IP. In terms of enterprise operation mode, Wanwu Daji creates a stepped product matrix with the "cultural IP pyramid operation model" covering art, trends and life, cuts into various types of user groups, expands IP awareness, cultivates IP loyalty, and forms a top-down Under the advanced consumption and penetration effect; with the development concept of "virtual and real, art and business integration" to carry out exploration in the fields of art, commerce, trend culture, digital art, digital collections, etc., and empower IP with digital content and experience The new experience, content, scene and social interaction of the physical industry create a new ecology of digital cultural consumption, interpret oriental culture with digital lifestyle, and spread it to the global stage.


Build Metaverse IP

Ecological partner of Yuantong Mall, Mr. Jiang Jiang, the leader of the praise list


  Through the practical experience of incubating, issuing and operating digital IP. Conduct an in-depth analysis of the importance of digital IP, as well as the specific operation methods at home and abroad.

  Mr. Jiang Jiang is known as the "Metaverse IP Scout" in the industry, and has provided consulting services for many listed companies in digital IP creation. He pointed out that the lack of continuous operation of IP is the main shackle of digital IP creation. Brand owners and IP operators can practice by building a community with target value, a hierarchical community structure, and cultivating operators who provide timely feedback.

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