The 2nd World WEB3 Summit and the 12th World Metaverse Conference (2023 Hong Kong), Metaverse Innovation Competition Award Ceremony is about to start
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On October 31, the HKSAR Government officially announced its policy statement on virtual asset development in Hong Kong, setting out the policy stance and guidelines for the development of a vibrant virtual asset industry and ecosystem in Hong Kong, demonstrating to the world the vision of Hong Kong's commitment to develop into an international virtual asset hub. The SAR Government will launch pilot schemes, including the issuance of NFT, Green Bond Tokenization, Digital Hong Kong Dollar, etc., to test the technological benefits brought by virtual assets for further application in the financial market in the future. To this end, the WBA World Blockchain Alliance and the World Meta-Universe Development Alliance are launching the WEB3 Meta-Universe Tour, with the first stop in Dubai on 3.20 and the 2nd World WEB3 Summit and 12th World Meta-Universe Conference at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 3.26. Welcome to cooperate!

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