The first World Metaverse Conference was successfully held today on the Metaverse
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The first World Metaverse Conference and NFT Compliance Forum was held on December 19 at the main venue of the Metaverse, and was held simultaneously in Beijing and Zhengzhou offline. It is the first time to hold the World Metaverse Conference in the Metaverse, and the method is unique, which makes the participants feel particularly novel and refreshing.

The conference is sponsored by the World Metaverse Development Alliance and the Great Wall Commune, co-hosted by Mobile Microworld (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd., co-organized by WBA World Blockchain Alliance and Block Unbounded, International Digital Economy Industrial Park. Metaverse Maker Center, Together with NFT co-organization.


Wang Jiancheng, the initiator of the International Blockchain Festival, the initiator of the International Metaverse Festival, the initiator of the World Metaverse Development Alliance, the initiator of WDEA World Digital Economic Alliance,  and the founding chairman of WBA World Blockchain Alliance, delivered an opening speech. Li Mengen, deputy secretary-general of the blockchain branch of the association and founder of the Great Wall Commune, delivered a welcome speech. Cai Zhichuan, president of the Asian Blockchain Society, sent congratulations from Hong Kong and gave a keynote speech on "Opening the Gate of Wealth in the Yuan Universe". The United States gave a special speech on the theme of "Metaverse Ecology".


Yan Pengfei, Business Assistant to the Chairman of Mobile Microworld (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd., Kang Feng, Secretary-General of the Blockchain Branch of China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises , Xiao Yanyu, Executive President of Haiwenjiao (Authorized) NFT Development Center, and Blockchain 3.1 United The founder Zhou Shengtong, and Shaohua, deputy director of the Maker Entrepreneurship Center of the Henan Provincial Blockchain Technology Research Association, respectively made "8 years of exploration to open the gate of the metaverse", "the development trend of the metaverse", " how to make NFT in China in compliance with regulations ", Keynote speeches and sharing of "Metaverse - Blowing the Horn of the Times" and "Creator Entrepreneurship Center".

 WBA World Blockchain Alliance Founding President, WDEA World Digital Economy Alliance, World Metaverse Development Alliance, International Blockchain Festival, International Metaverse Festival Sponsor Wang Jiancheng, Deputy Secretary-General of Blockchain Branch of China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Great Wall Li Mengen, founder of the commune, Kang Feng, secretary-general of the Blockchain Branch of the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises , Zhao Yongliang, deputy secretary-general of the China Circulation Industry Management Political Research Association, director of the Digital Reform Professional Committee, Wang Xingcan, founder of Mobile Micro World (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd., Xiao Yanyu, executive president of Haiwenjiao (authorized) NFT Development Center, Zhou Shengtong, co-founder of Blockchain 3.1, Shaohua, deputy director of Maker Entrepreneurship Center of Henan Blockchain Technology Research Association, Zhongguancun Boya Town Development Technology Innovation Research Institute Executive Dean Dr. Jiang Xi, Block Unbounded Partners and ten guests jointly launched the "Metaverse Maker Center"

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