The 9th World Metaverse Conference and World Metaverse Conference (2023 Dubai) Press Conference was successfully held in Metaverse
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   The press conference of the 9th World Metaverse Congress and World Metaverse Congress (Dubai 2023) was successfully held at the Metaverse on December 27. 300000+ viewers participated in the metaverse live broadcast. The conference was jointly hosted by WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance, WBA World Blockchain Alliance, WDEA World Digital Economy Alliance, Asian Blockchain Association, VVDAO and other institutions, co-sponsored by Metaverse Maker Center and supported by Xunsheng Electronic Technology.

  Wang Jiancheng, the founder of the WBA Alliance and the initiator of the WMA Alliance, delivered an opening speech in the Metaverse by using digital avatar, summarizing that in 2022, the WMA Alliance is committed to jointly organizing multiple sessions of the World Metaverse Congress with national ministries and governments at all levels to promote the development of the Metaverse industry. Dr. Cai Zhichuan, president of the Asian Blockchain Association, Dr. Xu Jingang, an expert in the investment of the yuan universe, Dr. Gao Chengshi, a member of the standing committee of the metaverse industry committee of the China Mobile Union, and a technology expert of the yuan universe, Dr. Zhou Jie, deputy secretary-general of the block chain special committee of the China Mobile Union, senior consultant of the Digital Standards Laboratory, and Li Bo, the initiator of the Hainan yuan universe association, and a group of industry experts made wonderful speeches. At the same time, the conference held a press conference of the World Metaverse Congress (Dubai 2023) and launched the "Metaverse Innovation Competition".

  WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance, WBA World Blockchain Alliance and WDEA World Digital Economy Alliance will continue to open the global trip of Metaverse Maker Center on the basis of more than 120 successful industry conferences. At the meeting, the "World Meta Universe Congress (Dubai 2023) and the 2nd World WEB3 Summit Press Conference" was held. WMA Alliance launched the global travel plan of the Metaverse Maker Center, and will hold the "World Metaverse Congress (2023 Dubai Station) and the 2nd World WEB3 Summit" and other international Metaverse Festival series activities in Dubai in March 2023.

  The "World Metaverse Congress (Dubai 2023) and the 2nd World WEB3 Summit" will be hosted by WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance, Asian Blockchain Association, VVDAO, ASPRO DIGITAL, METATDEX, WBA World Blockchain Alliance, Xunsheng Electronic Technology, and co-sponsored by Metaverse Maker Center, WMA Metaverse University City and other institutions. The conference will hold the awarding ceremony of the Metaverse Innovation Competition. It is expected that more than 1000 people from the industry will participate in the conference. In particular, the Metaverse Conference Square with a scale of 10000 people will be launched to provide Metaverse conference services for audiences from all over the world who cannot be present at the scene. Participants can enter the Meta verse Conference Square and interact with other guests. At the same time, it also launched the live broadcast of the universe, which is expected to provide more than 1 million viewers with live viewing of the grand event.

  The conference will invite the Dubai Royal Family, leaders of relevant government departments, and industry experts from all over the world to carry out in-depth exchanges and sharing around the preferential policies of the Dubai government and the world's cutting-edge technologies of Metaverse and WEB3. The conference is committed to providing a good exchange and cooperation platform for high-quality institutions from all over the world to develop the metaverse and WEB3 industries in Dubai.

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