The 8th World Metaverse Conference was successfully held simultaneously in Metaverse and Hangzhou
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On December 13, the 8th World Metaverse Conference hosted by the WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance was held simultaneously at the Hangzhou Global Digital Trade Expo and the Metaverse, with nearly 600,000 viewers participating in the offline and Metaverse + live broadcast . The event is guided by the Organizing Committee of Global Digital Trade Expo , hosted by WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance , Hangzhou West Lake International Expo Co., Ltd., Zhongjia Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as executive agencies, Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Technology Association, Metaverse Three Co-organized by Ten People Forum, Global Metaverse Ecological Platform, Metaverse Ecological Alliance , Metaverse Maker Center, and supported by Xunsheng Electronic Technology .

The Global Digital Trade Expo is currently the only national-level international exhibition with the theme of digital trade approved by the state. It is an important strategic platform endowed by the state after the expansion of the China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone. The People's Government of Zhejiang Province and the People's Republic of China Sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of China, organized by the Hangzhou Municipal People 's Government, the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, and the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce .


WBA World Blockchain Alliance Founding Chairman, WDEA World Digital Economy Alliance Founding Chairman Wang Jiancheng, founder of WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance, delivered an opening speech and emphasized that WMA World Metaverse Development Alliance will continue to be established in Xi'an and Dubai, UAE The "World Metaverse Conference" and other international metaverse festival series activities are held at home and abroad, and are committed to promoting industry exchanges, win-win cooperation, promoting the development of the metaverse industry, and helping people realize the beautiful vision of the metaverse world . Yimi, the Chinese, English and French trilingual host of Zhejiang TV Station, will be the bilingual host.



Dr. Xu Jingang, an investment expert in Metaverse, and Hei Ma, vice president of Xunsheng International WEB3.0 Research Institute, gave keynote speeches on "Metaverse Track and Investment" and "Metaverse Future Development Trend".



Liu Muxuan, master of Zhejiang University, COO of Ultra-Dimensional Metaverse, Cai Zhenshan, MBA of Fudan University, and CEO of Yidao Technology, respectively gave keynote speeches on "New Forms of Virtual and Real Intergeneration in Metaverse" and "Artistic Digital Era".

The super-dimensional metaverse said that the metaverse has rich connotations and broad prospects. In the short term, the development of Metaverse will directly drive the development of VR, AR, MR, cloud computing, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technology industries, giving birth to new technologies and industries. In the long run, the application of the Metaverse will profoundly change people's lifestyles, production methods, work methods, social methods, etc., and deeply integrate with the real world, resulting in huge economic and social benefits. Hyperdimensional Space Digital Technology is committed to creating a national-level platform for the digital economy and Web 3.0, providing strong empowerment for people's livelihood improvement, economic development, and social governance, and is committed to enabling all users to build their own metaverse .

Cai Zhenshan, CEO of Yidao Technology , said that with the maturity of the main blockchain infrastructure and the deepening of public contact and understanding of digital collections, projects related to the digital collection industry are becoming a new investment outlet . Interlinking, individual and institutional investors run into the market, creating a situation in which the global digital collection market has seen both volume and price rise. It is believed that in the context of the development of the digital economy and emerging technologies, digital collections will surely usher in a greater explosion in the future. Yidao currently has reached IP resource cooperation with many top foreign institutions and well-known artists, and is actively cooperating with central media to build a national digital Tibetan dating platform. In the future, Yidao hopes to seek more links and cooperation, and jointly build a metaverse ecological co-creation platform, so as to truly empower the physical industry, let digital collections integrate technology, education, culture, art and other fields, and jointly draw a new digital economy. chapter.



Liang Zikang, co-founder and CEO of Chuangyi Technology, visiting associate professor of Shanghai Normal University, Zhu Xiaojing, founder and CEO of Yuanjing Digital Technology, Duan Zhiyun, former China vice president of oblox, founder of Proximity Planet, Bu Shiping, senior marketing director of Wuyi Vision Digital Twin Technology, Hangzhou Sun Guoping, vice president of Migo Holdings Group, respectively made "Who is the next metaverse-level digital person", "Speaking of Metaverse - Exploring Entertainment, Social Metaverse Platform", "Metaverse: New Development of the Combination of Virtual and Reality", " Digital Twins Opens a New Era of Metaverse Application", " Zhejiang Metaverse Industrial Park " and other keynote speeches and sharing.



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